Promoting female role models

Role models inspire us everyday

Empowering girls

Girls should know they can be absolutely anything they want

Everyone can become a leader

We can all be leaders and the best way to become one is to get inspiration from another

Womentoring is more than a network or a program: it’s a mindset!

Womentoring started as a small idea: what if there were more female role models? Wouldn’t gender bias be just an old memory? While there are plenty of male role models in most industries, female are still under-represented, especially in the STEMs but also on boards.


Our goal: gender equality

Womentoring was born in November 2018, right after Web Summit. It took us a while to understand what could be expected from young women to empower them. After months of asking questions, we finally decided to launch our platform.

  • Women thinking they could make it to the top 32% 32%
  • Men thinking women have equal talent whatever the field 71% 71%
  • Women discouraged by the glass ceiling 49% 49%
  • Men not aware gender bias does exist 87% 87%

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A little inspiration?

Marie Cau the first trans woman to be elected mayor in France

After living in her town of Tilloy-Lez-Marchiennes for 20 years with her three kids she decided that it was time for her to do more for her community.Important dates 1965: birth of Marie Cau in Roubaix, France May 23, 2020: Election Not an activist but still sending a...

Lisa Ben, editor of the first lesbian magazine

Lisa Ben, was one of the first lesbian celebrity who created Vice Versa and wrote parodic song.  Important dates November 7, 1921: birth of Edith D. Eyde  in San Fransisco, California. 1940's: composing music and singing in Lesbian bars 1947: publish the first of nine...

Ellen Ochoa, astronaut, but not only

Ellen Ochoa was born in Los Angeles on May 10, 1958. She is an American astronaut and was chief executive and the first Hispanic woman to enter space. She then became director of NASA Johnson Space Center. Important dates May 10, 1958: birth of Ellen Ochoa, Los...

Rosa Parks, civil rights activist.

Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist who refused to give a white passenger seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her rebellion caused a boycott of the Montgomery bus. His success initiated a nationwide effort to end racial segregation of public...

Mata Hari, from dancer to French intelligence

In 1917, Mata Hari was accused of being a double agent for Germany. She was executed by a French firing squad on October 15th.Important dates August 7th, 1876: birth of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, Leeuwarden, Netherlands 1895:  Margaretha married Rudolf MacLoed 1905:...

Simone Veil, first President of the European Parliament

Simone Veil was a Holocaust surviver and guaranteed fundamental rights for women, and was a model of dedication. Important dates July 13th, 1927: birth of Simone Annie Liline Jacob (Veil) at Nice. 1943: she was arrested by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz 1945: came...

Maya Angelou, journalist and poetess

Important dates April 4, 1928: Birth of Marguerite Johnson in St Louis, Missourri 1940: She moved to San Fransisco 1954-55: Toured in 22 countries 1959: Was introduced to the "Civil Rights Movement" and became journalist 1981: Became a professor at the Wake Forest...

Chiaki Mukai, surgeon and astronaut

Japan, since the industrial revolution, is known as the perfect “mix of tradition and modernity”. However, in 1950 a woman was still expected to become a wife, a mother and run the household. But not Chiaki Mukai.Important dates 6 May, 1952 : birth of Chiaki Mukai in...

Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank

Christine Lagarde is famous for her influence on IMF, but who is she ? Important dates January 1st , 1956: birth of Christine in Paris. 1981: Baker & McKenzie International law firm 1987: Made first female to become a member of the executive committee 1999: Made...

Marie Curie, winner of two Nobel prizes.

All her life, Marie Skłodowska was considered a prodigy. She studied at the Russian lycée at the age of 16 and was forced to start working because of her father’s poor money management. Important dates November 7, 1867 : Marie Curie was born (Maria Salomea Skłodowska)...

Our programs

Leadership mentoring program

This program is designed to help mentees get empowered though mentoring by senior women.

Reverse mentoring program

The reverse program addresses digital adoption by senior professionals. Juniors are here to show the way!

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